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By now, everyone knows that staying home = staying safe. Here in Louisiana, it looks like we’ll be social distancing through the rest of April and possibly into May. Until Renesting can reopen its doors we wanted to find ways to stay connected while staying apart. Enjoy!

1. Participate in our Scavenger Hunt
One of the less exciting things about being home all the time is finally getting all that deep cleaning done you’ve been putting off since… well, forever. Let us help you get motivated! Every day since we’ve been closed, we’ve posted an item that can generally be found in your home, that you likely have extras of and that our clients need. The first person to bring all the items to the Nest upon our reopening wins a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse courtesy of board member Janet McCord! (And if you’re reading this Board Members, if 6 or more of you bring all the items, you’ve been promised Tim Huck’s famous pizza from Notini’s at the next not-virtual meeting!)

2. Invite your friends to Give for Good

One of the biggest sources of funding every year is Give for Good, hosted by the Community Foundation. It’s a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings North Louisiana together to benefit local nonprofits. 2020 is our 7th year participating! You can mark yourself going and invite your friends to the Facebook event page, or share our organization page on the Give for Good website!

3. Bid on your favorite item
Another virtual event is our monthly pop-up auction. Sometimes we receive donated items that are unique, quirky, or not quite right for our clients. These items are added to our mobile pop-up auction. You bid right from your phone and can even do so via text message! And while we do not ship your winnings, don’t worry! We have extended the item pick-up protocol to ONE MONTH after the governor lifts the stay-at-home order. For updates and fun posts, you can even join our Pop-Up Auction Group on Facebook!

4. Share our social media posts
It seems simple, we know, but in this time of quarantine social media is our most important tool in keeping up with our volunteers, donors, and Nest family. Send a screenshot of the most recent Scavenger Hunt post to your friends without Facebook and work together to find everything on the list! Or share the link to this blog post in your family group chat and challenge them to do all 5 before you can!

5. Write a guest post for our blog
Our volunteers and donors are not only the driving force behind our ability to serve but our biggest fans! Do you have a story you’re willing to share about how you came to Renesting? Something wacky you came across when sorting donations? A hilarious interaction with our staff or board at a fundraiser? A touching revelation from the first time you went on a Renest?
We want to hear about it!
Send an email to with the subject line “Guest Post” and we’ll send you the details!


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