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The Renesting machine relies equally on each of its pieces working together- if any piece falters, the whole thing stops working. We can’t do what we do without your donation to Renesting. Whether it be your time as a volunteer or board member, or your gently used furniture/ household items, or your money.

As with any business, nonprofit, or otherwise, it takes money to operate. Financial support is greatly appreciated so we want to make sure you feel comfortable making a donation to Renesting Project with your hard-earned dollars.

We believe in being good stewards of the support we receive and part of that means we operate on as lean a budget as we can manage. The proof is in the paperwork.

Our 2019 Income Tax Return, Form 990 showed that 98% of every dollar we spend goes into our programming. (98.125%, if you want to be specific.) That means, if you were to donate $20 to Renesting right now, $19.60 of that would go directly to providing household items and furniture to those in need in the Shreveport/Bossier community- YOUR community!

98 cents of every dollar Renesting Project spends goes into programs

That’s pretty great, right?

If you want to help add to our Lean, Green, Helping Machine by making a donation to Renesting, check out all the ways you can below:


Renesting Donation TimeTime

Our volunteers represent a wide range of talents and ages. Aside from a little time and energy, all you need to volunteer with Renesting is a caring heart and gentle spirit. There are a number of ways you can volunteer at the warehouse or from the comfort of your own home! Read our post “5 Ways You Can Volunteer From Home” for more info or visit the “volunteer” tab of our website. Contact Emily Jo at to schedule a time!


Renesting Donation FurnitureItems

We welcome your donation of furniture and household goods.  In fact, we can’t function without it! All we ask is that the items be CLEAN and GENTLY USED. Think of this as a gift rather than just a way to get rid of your unwanted junk.  A gift that is given to uplift someone in their time of need, that has struggled and suffered.
Our warehouse is open by appointment only! Call us or email Emily Jo at to schedule a donation drop off appointment!


Renesting DonationMoney

There are a few ways you can make a monetary donation to Renesting:
You can purchase items in our monthly Pop-Up auction. (Coming up Sept. 2nd & 3rd.) Text RENEST to 76278 to start bidding now and join our Facebook group for sneak peeks!
Similarly, you can support us at our yearly fundraiser re2020 as a sponsor, ticketed guest, and auction winner! More info on the event website!
As always, you can donate directly by using the “donate” tab on our website.


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