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Renesting Project

Renesting Project was conceived by our founder, Noel Haacker, in October 2009 and served it’s first family in January 2010.  Historically, Renesting Project served homeless clients of social service agencies by providing furniture and household goods as they transitioned into permanent housing. Our faith based program, Olive Branch was created in an effort to serve families and individuals that were transitioning from homelessness but had a source of income, either through employment or supplemental income. Our Sweet Dreams Program offered NEW mattresses, box springs and bed frames to a limited number of applicants through the Renesting Project and Olive Branch Programs. Available funds determine the number of mattresses we were able to provide.

In 2017 the Renesting Project, Inc. Board of Directors voted to revise the mission statement to “provide gently used furniture and household items to those in need“.  All three of our programs have now been rolled into one, the Renesting Project Program and our service has expanded to include not only those transitioning from homelessness but those at risk of becoming homeless.

Overseen by a board of directors with extensive background in community involvement, business ownership, and philanthropic hearts,  Renesting Project, Inc. continues to serve as this area’s community furniture bank, providing furniture and household goods FREE OF CHARGE.

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