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Renesting Project

Our first and best known program, Renesting Project collaborates with the numerous social service agencies. As with most alliances each party has a function. In this case, agencies screen applicants, provide sources for housing, process and submit applications to us and report on the client housing status while Renesting solicits, gathers, processes, and stores until we provide furniture and household items to our agencies’ clients at no charge to either of them. The goal of this group effort is to not only serve homeless clients that could not otherwise provide for themselves but to provide a one stop furniture and household goods resource for our agency partners and their clients.

Overseen by a Board of Directors with extensive background in community involvement, business ownership, firsthand knowledge of homelessness and philanthropic hearts, the Renesting Project, Inc. is positioned for growth and plans to expand to other communities in the near future.

Sweet Dreams Program

Provides NEW mattresses, box springs and bed frames to a limited number of applicants through the Renesting Project. Available funds determine the number of mattresses we are able to provide.

Olive Branch Program

A faith based partnership, Olive Branch was created in an effort to serve families and individuals that were transitioning from homelessness but had a source of income, either through employment or supplemental income. This demographic typically does not meet Renesting Project’s social service agencies criteria, and are not eligible for case management and thus would not qualify for service through the Renesting Project. The faith-based partnerships are ideally grouped geographically, enabling them to work with other organizations in their area and collectively submit applications for our service.

Community Partners