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We get unique donations here at the Nest. A few years ago, a donation of linens came in with a little pamphlet tucked in the bag. A volunteer saved the pamphlet and after doing some spring cleaning two years ago, we found it again. This random pamphlet had the following printed on it:

10 Essential Rules for Perfect Beddiquette
by Dransfield & Ross House ®
  1. You spend a third of your life sleeping, make sure you’re surrounded with beauty and comfort.
  2. If you have to invest in one bedding item, make sure you have the best quality pillow.
  3. Your bed linens should reflect your personality, not your mother’s or your best friend’s.
  4. If you love a certain set of linens, try buying two sets if possible. It will extend the life of both sets.
  5. If there is a special personal fragrance you’re wild about, don’t hesitate to use it in an infuser in your linen closet.
  6. Remember, you don’t just sleep in your bed, so make sure it’s appropriate for all of your activities. Yes, that one too…
  7. Don’t go to bed angry!
  8. Unless your bedroom is particularly tailored, don’t be afraid to mix up your bedding. Approach it like you were getting dressed. Use the same sensibility that you would approach your personal wardrobe.
  9. Never sleep with someone that you aren’t madly in love with, that includes pets!
  10. Lastly, break all the rules and make your bedroom as unique as you are.
Following the rules

We think these rules are adorable! And adaptable to any room of the house. These rules help make a space homier. When I think of homey, I imagine soft and comfortable seating, smells of linens and food, and full, colorful walls. Truthfully, turning a house into a home requires stuff. Pictures on the wall, pots/pans to fill the space with the smell of boiling soup or garlic bread, and certainly, a cozy bed for relaxing. This is what we like to imagine we provide for our clients.

Above all, we want our clients to be served well. Your donation of gently used furniture and household items is the difference between an empty house and a comfortable home. For example, a donated table becomes the place a family shares a meal. After you drop off a couch, it becomes the place a veteran relaxes at the end of the day. If you don’t have any furniture or household items to donate, you can always support us financially! Monetary donations help keep our warehouse open and full- and according to the IRS, we’re good stewards of financial donations. Additionally, you can donate your time! While volunteering, you’ll clean and inventory incoming items, pack and prepare them, and even pull items for clients.

We’re open for donations or volunteering on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 3 pm, and on the second Saturday of every month from 8 am to 11 am.

Give us a call to sign up to volunteer and check out our Facebook page for our Top Ten Needs List this month!