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As you know, our yearly fundraiser is in a few weeks!

re2020 will be completely virtual this year, which means you’ll be able to bid and win from the comfort of your bed, couch, rocking chair, front porch, or kitchen table! We highly recommend bidding with a glass of wine and a hearty snack- just make sure your hands are free so you can keep on bidding!

The auction has always been the main event at our yearly fundraiser and this year is no different! We’ve got a great collection of auction items donated from local businesses and artists and curated by members of the board. Our board baskets are conceived and built starting at the very beginning of the year and tweaked to perfection leading up to the big event.

So how exactly are the board baskets built?

A list of possible board baskets is created at one of the meetings early in the year. We brainstorm themes and what could be included, investigate what baskets did well last year, think about the kinds of things that are “in” right now, or that we haven’t had in the past. From there, every basket is assigned a month during which the entire board will work together to build the basket. Each board member signs up to bring an item for the basket to the next meeting.

Board Basket on display at re2019, Cheers to Beers!

Everything is labeled, assigned a value, and stored together at the Nest so when we have our workdays leading up to the auction, we can easily check off what may be missing, assemble the basket, and take the auction photos!

The board baskets are a great example of what our board can do when they put their brains together!

Here’s a sneak peek at two of the board baskets in the re2020 auction:

Board Basket: French 75; Item Number: 103

Board Basket: That’s Italian! Item Number: 142


Stay tuned for more behind the scenes posts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks at auction items! Text “re2020” to 76278 to register, receive updates, and get insider info!

Don’t forget: Bidding goes live October 1st and the auction closes on October 15th at 10 PM. Make sure you check out our live stream on Facebook at 6:30 PM!


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