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Last week we told you about the work Colin Stevens and Troop 64 did with the handmade beds from John Beaird. We realized they aren’t the only Eagle Scouts that have done service projects for Renesting! This week we wanted to share some of the other great stories and projects involving Eagle Scouts here at the Nest.

Our Eagle Scouts are responsible for some of the tools we use every day and for some of our biggest donations! Unfortunately, the pictures from most of these projects have been lost over time- between moves and computer upgrades. However! We have not forgotten about the incredible work they have accomplished.

The Eagle Scout project by Andrew Dubriske is the only other project we have photographic evidence of. Andrew collected new mops, brooms, and dustpans for our clients. He was responsible for the donation of 36 mops, 56 brooms, and 13 dustpans! Those items helped us provided cleaning supplies for over 36 families! Almost every family we serve requests cleaning supplies so we go through them very fast- which is why cleaning items tend to be on our Top Ten Needs very often!

Eagle Scout Andrew with donated mops and brooms!

Eagle Scout Andrew with donated mops and brooms!

Scouts are also responsible for building the furniture dollies we use every day in the warehouse. These dollies have spared the backs of many a volunteer, warehouse coordinator, and client! As furniture donations come into the Nest, each item is placed on a dolly and stored that way. Instead of moving furniture across the warehouse when preparing items for clients, volunteers just roll them instead. We have a philosophy here at the Nest, “Everything must roll.” Generally, if it can’t be picked up with one hand by your grandmother, it needs to be on wheels. Receiving these furniture dollies was a huge blessing! We move a lot of furniture here- we everything had to be picked up and moved around we wouldn’t last a full workday!

Awaiting donated furniture!

The final Scout project we want to share with you this week is the rolling artwork divider. These dividers were built to hold the artwork that is donated to the Nest. This way, our volunteers can easily see the pieces we have available for clients and can color coordinate while preparing other decor items. They serve as dividers as well. When preparing items for more than one client, our volunteers can use these to make sure the items don’t get mixed up. When holding events at the Nest, like Sharing of the Season, the dividers also use to cordon off areas of the warehouse. We use them every day!

Holding artwork and waiting to be rolled around!

We love Eagle Scouts here at the Nest. If you happen to know an Eagle Scout in need of a project, please keep up in mind! We are always in need of volunteers and donations of gently used furniture and household items! Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about what other Scouts have done for Renesting, we couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work and dedication to their community, our community.


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