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Every year on the first Tuesday of May, the Community Foundation of North Louisiana (CFNLA) leads a 24-hour online giving challenge called Give for Good. Nonprofits all over North Louisiana register to participate on the Give for Good website. The profiles allow community members to read about an org’s programs and donate directly to the organization or the Lagniappe Fund.

This was an online event before online events were the only events! While many organizations have in-person events to coordinate with the giving challenge. Other organizations rely on the multitude of ways donors and supporters can engage online. Here at Renesting, we wanted to provide you with links, tips, and info on all the ways you can learn about us, share, and help us during Give for Good!

Engage with Us During Give for Good!

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We share regularly on Facebook and Instagram. We post events, news, amazing stories, photos of volunteers, calls to action, and much more! Our Pop-Up Auction even has a Facebook group. You can keep up with new items every month and even see “after” photos from winners! Leading up to Give for Good, we’ll be posting reminders and updates so you don’t miss any of the action! On the day of, we’ll be sharing from the leaderboard and pushing to reach our goals. You won’t want to miss it! We also post on our blog once or twice a month to share in-depth updates and amazing stories!

Facebook and Instagram are also easy places for you to share our posts with your friends and family. If you share a post about Give for Good with 5 people, they each share with 5 people, and so on, we’ll have gotten the word out to a ton of wonderful and generous supporters without leaving the couch!

Schedule your donation!

If you think you might forget on May 4th or you know you’re going to be busy, you can preschedule your donation starting April 20th! Prescheduled donations still count towards our May 4th total, but take the pressure off remembering!

Help us win prizes!

One of the ways that organizations can receive funds is by winning prizes. The prizes help add to the excitement of the 24-hour campaign and get the competitive spirit burning for donors and organizations alike!

There are several different prizes, all rewarding $500 to the organization. Renesting has won the ‘Sunrise Prize’ four of the seven years we’ve participated in Give for Good! We feel confident that with your help we can keep our streak alive. The ‘Sunrise Prize’ is awarded to the organization that receives the most donations between 5:00 and 6:00 AM. Since each organization can only win one prize, if you’re planning to donate, we would appreciate your help in winning this prize. Set an alarm and donate during the sunrise! We won’t tell anyone if you go right back to bed- we plan to do the same!


Give for Good is an amazing opportunity to see the strength and generosity of our community. Your donations help us provide gently used furniture and household items to those in need in Caddo and Bossier Parish. Whether it’s a bed for a newly housed veteran or a set of pots and pans for a single mother.