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With 135 donations from 126 unique donors, plus a prize of $500, Renesting raised a total of $22,667. Thank you!!

Our donations ranged from $10.49 to $5,245.00 Thank you!!

30 of our donations were pre-scheduled, meaning we raised $2,840.67 before Give for Good even started. Thank you!!

21 of our donors gave during the sunrise, helping us win an additional $500. Their early morning donations totaled $7,335.00 Thank you!!

Of all our donors, we had 22 who were giving for the first time. Thank you!!

Give for Good raised a total of $1,959,096 for 239 local organizations. That enormous number just goes to show what this community values: generosity and togetherness.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for every cent raised, every social media post shared, and every private “hurray!” we felt in our hearts as our total ticked up and up. Renesting Project isn’t possible without all of you.

And we’re already looking forward to next year.


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