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Ever wondered about the slang we use around the office? Now’s your chance to brush up on Renesting vocab!

Cork & Fork – A game we play at our fundraisers. The donor pays a flat rate for a fork or cork, which are all numbered. The numbers on the forks correspond to a restaurant gift card of equal or greater value than the cost to play. The numbers on the corks correspond to a bottle of wine of equal or greater value than the cost to play.

Cubby – The space behind the Décor shelf is called the Cubby. It holds our first aid kit, Renest supplies, office supplies, and event supplies. It’s blocked off by a curtain and is a good place to put things we don’t need every day.

Give for Good (G4G) – Give for Good is a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings North Louisiana together to benefit local nonprofits. 2020 marked Resenting Project’s 7th year participating in this event hosted by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana. You can read about how we did in the Give for Good Wrap Up.

GiveSmart – GiveSmart is the software/website Renesting uses for our online auctions. It is used for the monthly pop-up auction as well as the auction at our annual fundraiser.

The Nest – A nickname we use for our warehouse location.

Nest Fest – This was the name of our annual fundraising event before we reinvented and reinvigorated it for our tenth anniversary.

Park It Market (PIM) – PIM was an event Renesting used to put on before the Pop-Up Auctions were implemented. It was a flea market style event held in a parking lot where vendors sold out of their vehicles. It was a successful fundraiser, but if you ask anyone that worked on the planning/handling they’re glad it’s been retired.


Pop-Up – Shorthand for our Crazy, Quirky, Mobile Pop-Up Auction. From time to time, we receive donated items that are unique, quirky, or not quite right for those we serve. Some of these items will be offered in our Online Pop-Up Auction. All funds raised from our Crazy, Quirky, Mobile Pop-Up Auction go back into fulfilling our mission.

Pull – A Pull is when our volunteers gather the items a client has requested and prepares them for pick-up, delivery, or a Renest.

RE – This is the name of our annual fundraising event after we reinvented and reinvigorated it for our tenth anniversary. To get tickets and details about RE 2020 visit our event page here!

Renest – Renesting is our premier service. Renesting volunteers deliver, set up, unpack, decorate, and provide special touches of “home” to our clients. Renests happen on the 2nd Saturday of every month. We only send volunteers that have been to the Nest at least once before.

Sharing of the Season – It’s quite common for us to receive beautiful Christmas items. Those items have been reserved for our Sharing of the Season celebration. The holiday season can be particularly difficult for many people and our clients are no exception. Participating families are invited to a celebration during the holiday season where they will be given a NEW Christmas tree and the opportunity to select gently loved Christmas items that have been gathered throughout the year. More information coming this Fall!

Signup Genius – This is the software/website we use to schedule volunteers, site visits, service, and Pop-Up Auction item pickups. It allows us to gather contact information for case managers, volunteers, and donors.

Stripper Lady – Renesting’s Stripper lady is a volunteer that cuts our sheets and other linens into strips for us. Read more about her here!






Did we miss anything? Comment below to let us know if there’s any Renesting jargon we forgot!