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Our monthly Pop-Up Auction is a great place to find vintage furniture, brand new kitchen electronics, and unique art. It’s also a treasure trove of wacky and lovely items that we enjoy curating throughout the month.

Debbie Carter, the vice-chairman of Renesting’s board and a long time Pop-Up Auction supporter, won a king-sized bed frame in the August 2019 Auction. With a little elbow grease, the bed was transformed and made a beautiful addition to her home!

Check out the Pop-Up Auction Gallery below:

Pop-Up Auction before

After picking up her winnings, Debbie and her husband assembled the bed in their garage to get to work!

with paint

A fresh coat of paint!

Pop-Up Auction After

Dry paint, freshly washed linens, and a sassy pillow to complete the project!


This month’s Pop-Up closes tonight at 8 PM! Make sure you check out all the incredible items, place a few bids, and share with your most competitive friends! You never know what amazing pieces you could find!!


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Have you ever refurbished furniture you’ve won in the Pop-Up? Send us pictures!