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If you have read our origin story you know that the Nest hasn’t always been at 1331 Driftwood Drive. We started in the parking lot of Asbury Methodist Church, moved to a warehouse on E. Texas Street, then to 1303 Driftwood Drive. In 2017, our landlord, Scott, let us know about another one of his buildings becoming available for rent. He thought it would be perfect for us and it was just down the street!

Lunch at 1303, note the shelves in the background!

The warehouse at 1303 served us very well, but now that we’ve moved to a bigger warehouse we can recognize some of its downfalls. There were no offices in the old place, just desks pushed against walls. The lunch table was located in the sorting area, meaning there was no room to add a table or chairs if we had a big group. The biggest problem, however, was the severe lack of parking!

Using her background in interior design, Noel planned every inch of the new warehouse. As you can see in the photos of the blueprints she drew up, she knew where every shelf, box, and chair would go before the packing started!

The biggest change to the existing building was the creation of a wall around the sorting area. This addition meant the area could be air-conditioned for our volunteers. Washer and dryer hook-ups were also added, so volunteers could launder linens before distributing them to clients.

The office that became Noel’s was actually a utility closet before the renovation. With the addition of a window and some coverings for the wires, it became the perfect office, used for orientation and small meetings.

In the photo, you can see taped down pieces of graph paper. Those represent where Noel planned for the giant shelves we use for furniture. You can also see where we planned for event storage, nowadays, that’s where we keep items that are being sold in our monthly Pop-Up Auction!

Once the plans were finished, construction began. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos from the construction, but if you tune in next week, we’ll tell you all about our move-in process!


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Did you ever volunteer at the 1303 warehouse?  What do you love about our 1331 warehouse?