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We keep track of a lot of numbers here at Renesting. It can get confusing, but each set of numbers represents something important about the work we do. Here are some of our latest numbers:

1782 is the most recently assigned case number in our system. Every client that submits an application for service is assigned a case number. It’s hard to believe we started at 1 back in 2010.
We use case numbers instead of names to protect the client’s identity. It also makes it easier to label furniture for what’s going to be theirs.

14330 is the latest inventory number, as of May 21st. Every piece of furniture that is donated to us is assigned an inventory number.

Inventory data is used to apply for grant money, which we use for things like purchasing mattresses or paying our rent. Everything that comes in is tagged with an inventory number and eventually a case number so we know exactly what it is and where it’s going.


663 is the item number we will assign to the next item entered in the Pop Up Auction. If a furniture item isn’t going to be used for a client, it’s likely going to be in the Pop Up Auction. It is assigned a number as well- separate from the inventory system!

These items are waiting to be picked up by the lucky winners of the June auction!

Item numbers make it easier to find things when a donor comes to pick up their winnings since we don’t have to unbox or unwrap any items. And, on the backside, when running reports about how an auction did, item numbers make it easier to read.


10 is the number of items we put on our Top Needs List every month. Some months our donors bring us enough laundry baskets for everyone we’re serving. Other months we don’t get as many. However, our clients’ needs don’t fluctuate that much so there’s always something they need that we don’t have enough of.

We’re blessed to have a set of regular donors that use our Top 10 Needs List as a shopping/ cleaning list. Having a Needs List that is changed every month keeps the state of the warehouse at the forefront of our minds. It is yet another tool we use to be good stewards of the donations we receive and good aids to the clients we are serving.


The numbers we use at Renesting help tell the story of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown.

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