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It’s almost Spring! And that means time for spring cleaning; time to clean, declutter, refresh, and donate to Renesting!

Spring cleaning is one of those things everyone talks about doing, that we know is kind of important, but that we all hate doing. Who wants to spend a beautiful sunny day inside dusting baseboards and cleaning out the attic? BUT! As it turns out spring cleaning is good for more than the tired shelves in your hall closet. According to a University of Minnesota study in 2013, people in an organized/cleaner space were more likely than those in a cluttered space to choose healthier food options. And that’s not the only benefit decluttering can have! A clean and organized home can help with allergies, reducing stress, and improving your health, sleep, productivity and mood!

In our opinion, the best benefit of decluttering your home is donating the items you no longer use to those in need in your community. And we can help! Streamlining your linen closet? We accept bed, bath, table, and window linens! Want a fresh look for Spring? We will pass your gently used furniture on to a family in need. Tired of staring at the decor you’ve had up since you moved in? Buy something new-to-you in our monthly Pop-Up Auction and bring us your gently used decor to make someone’s new home brighter. Aren’t sure what to bring? Check out our Master Needs List, detailing everything our clients can use.

There are so many resources regarding how to get the most out of your spring cleaning. How to do it faster, more efficiently, and without pulling your hair out. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’d recommend checking out our Stay at Home Scavenger Hunt for inspiration. While the prize is no longer available, it’s a fun way to challenge yourself and learn more about what we do. In fact, we want to run a “Clean you Home Scavenger Hunt.” What do you think? Let us know in the comments below what kind of prizes you’d like to see, what kind of items do you find yourself accumulating and culling regularly?

And don’t forget- if you get bored or frustrated while spring cleaning, just come volunteer at Renesting!