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Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year we are thankful for our volunteers, donors, clients, and especially our board:

board thanks

The January Meeting in 2020, the first one for two new board members!

Board Chair, Baylor Boyd

Vice Chair, Debbie Carter

Secretary, Danielle Farr Ewing

Treasurer, Amy Hardy

Cindy Aubrey

Ken Beatty

Jan Briscoe

Tammy Fussell

Kris Holland

Amy Hollister

Lea Stroud

Denise Wood

These fantastic individuals volunteer their time to govern, problem solve, plan, execute, and market fundraisers, and spread the word about our mission. They share at their churches, businesses, friend groups, and with their families. They recruit volunteers and donors and sponsors, truly singing our praises whenever and however they can. As a result of their hard work and dedication, our annual fundraiser, re, raised a net of $31,359 this year! To say the least, 2020 wasn’t all bad.

Unfortunately, some of our board members won’t be returning in 2021. We are especially grateful for the time they did serve. Our new board members have some big shoes to fill! Ken and Denise are two that we would like to call out specifically. They have both served 6 consecutive years and have been previous board chairs. Renesting has been shaped by their creative visions and knowledge.

The benefit of an engaged board is immeasurable. As an organization, we cannot thank our board of directors enough for their hard work, dedication, and endless imagination at the board table- especially in a year with so many curveballs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.