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Everyone loves to be thanked for their hard work, but some thank yous hit your heart differently. And that is definitely the case with the world’s best voicemail.

A few weeks before the stay-at-home orders went into effect, we received a voicemail from a client we had recently served.

She gushed gratitude, thanked the people that donated the items, that picked the items, and told us all to “have a great day on purpose.” It has been one of my favorite moments since I started volunteering with Renesting in 2017. Hearing ‘thank you’ from clients during a Renest, an exit interview, or on a postcard is always rewarding. The magic of the voicemail is that we could share it; we played it for every volunteer in the following weeks. We recorded the audio and shared it on social media.

We want everyone to hear that wonderful voicemail for many reasons. It lights a fire, reminds us of our mission to provide gently used furniture and household items to those in need. It gives a human voice to the people we serve, who our donors don’t meet, and who few volunteers interact with. It renews our sometimes weary desire to help.

“Have a great day on purpose” has become something of a catchphrase around here, so don’t be surprised if we encourage you to do so the next time you’re volunteering or dropping off a donation.

Listen to the world’s best voicemail in the video below.

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