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Last year, Anthony Reans fell out of the sky.

After several of our key warehouse volunteers’ health required their service level to change, Renesting found itself searching for a warehouse coordinator. Weeks into the search, the multiple rounds of interviews were not going very well. In an attempt to reach more people, the position was mentioned in the monthly newsletter. Within thirty minutes Noel received a call, and before the end of the day, Tony was being interviewed. And the rest is history.

Tony has been a great fit here at Renesting. He manages volunteers in the warehouse, helps prepare furniture for clients, manages our inventory, arranged furniture pickups (pre-COVID), and most notably, curates, photographs, and publishes our Pop Up Auction. He’s always ready with a pun or an anecdote, he knows a little bit about everything and will share his knowledge in a heartbeat. He can normally be found walking through the warehouse with quirky donations and a clipboard and we aren’t sure what we’re going to do without him.

The bittersweet news is that Tony, our warehouse and Pop Up aficionado, started a Master’s of Fine Arts program at Louisiana Tech this past Spring, and his new Fall schedule won’t allow him to be here at Renesting at the same time. The degree he’s earning will allow him to go on to become a professor of fine arts! On one hand, we are so excited for Tony and all he’s accomplishing, but on the other, we wish he could stay forever!

Next time you’re at the warehouse, wish Tony a fond farewell and let him know he will be sorely missed!

If you know someone that would love to work here at Renesting tell them to email their resume to and Noel will get back to them!

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