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The power to transform a community is within the community. Give For Good is proof of that power!

In 2014, the Community Foundation established Give For Good, a giving day for nonprofits in North Louisiana. The event allows community members to discover and engage with local nonprofits and make contributions. Last year, Give For Good raised over $1.9 million from 5,599 donors! 241 organizations are participating this year. We’re hoping for even more raised from even more donors!

$1.9 million surely had an amazing impact on North Louisiana. Participating organizations include animal rescues, educational services, environmental groups, health organizations, social services, and more! We are proud to say this is our 8th year participating! The Community Foundation has built out an incredible event with multiple ways for donors to get involved and for Nonprofits to fundraise.

Lagniappe Fund

The Community Foundation, with the help of corporate gifts, sponsors, and generous donations, also created The Lagniappe Fund. This Fund is a unique part of Give For Good and allows participating organizations to earn even more! The best explanation for this fund comes from the Community Foundation’s site: “The Lagniappe Fund is a pool of bonus dollars that is used to grow organizations’ gifts. …funds [are] shared by all participating nonprofits receiving donations during Give For Good. The amount each organization receives from the Lagniappe Fund [is] based on their overall percentage of funds raised [on May 4th].”


As we mentioned in our previous blog post, there are prizes that can be won before, during, and after the event!

transform community

We have been lucky enough to have won the Sunrise Prize multiple times in the past and know we can do it again with your help! Getting up at 5 am is definitely not fun, but no one will know if you go right back to sleep after submitting your donation. (That’s what I do.) And you know what is fun? Knowing you helped us win an additional $500!!

We would also love to win the “Most Improved” prize. Last year, Renesting had 126 unique donors. If every one of those donors invites one other person to donate, we could double our number of donors!

Social Media

Speaking of inviting other people to get involved, if you’d like to let your friends and family know that you’ve donated to Renesting Project, you can share the image below. Right-click or long-press on your phone to download and share! It makes the perfect Instagram post or temporary Facebook profile picture. You can share links to our donation landing page or this blog post via text, email, Snapchat, smoke signal, or really any way you communicate with your circle! Here’s our URL:

transform community


While monetary donations can go a long way, donating your time can transform your community even further. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, learn something new, and support organizations you care about. During Give for Good, the Community Foundation encourages donors to volunteer at participating organizations. You can check out volunteer opportunities on the profiles of each nonprofit or view all opportunities on the Give for Good volunteer landing page.


We hope you enjoy Give for Good this year! Comment below with any questions you have about the event or follow us on Facebook for regular updates. And don’t forget to check back in a few weeks for the Give for Good Wrap Up!