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The gently used furniture and household items that Renesting receives come from donors all over the area. Renesting receives some very interesting donations. Over the course of our eleven years, we have had the pleasure of receiving donations from clients we previously served, friends of friends of our board members, from people working at social service agencies, our wonderful volunteers, and many others. It is a blessing of ours to be connected to so many people through their acts of generosity.

Recently we received a dresser from what we can only assume is royalty. We made this assumption because tucked behind some of the drawers was a treaty drawn up by two rulers in an effort to, presumably, end a war.

interesting donation

The Treaty of Upstairs, our most interesting donation so far, is not dated but is initialed by the two leaders. It reads:


“We the people, of our two seperate kingdom, in order to make peace, establish tranquility, and shall not fight.”


There are three rules included in the treaty, depicted by drawings of the forbidden behaviors. The pictographs are in a language lost to the adults here at Renesting, but we believe them to be:

interesting donation

  1. No sword fighting (possibly lightsaber fighting)
  2. No shooting bows and arrows
  3. No punching

Renesting is honored to have received an original copy of the landmark document and hopes the two kingdoms are now living happily ever after with the help of the treaty.

interesting donation


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When volunteering at the Nest, what have been the most interesting donations you’ve come across?