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Reclaim Renew Renest

This past Tuesday, the 30th of June, featured quite an exciting morning here at the Nest.

It started with one of our regular Saturday volunteers, Pembroke, bringing us a gorgeous summer fruit tart in a gingersnap crust. Pembroke had called last week and asked if she could bring by a dessert- something she used to do quite regularly for our volunteers pre-pandemic. Having tasted her culinary creations before, I told her OF COURSE. I was secretly hoping our volunteers would not be interested and I could take home whatever delightful dish she brought- alas, the tart was a huge hit.

To keep everyone safe, she also packed brand new plastic forks, and disinfected and packed a serving dish, spatula, and paper plates in Ziplock bags. She also brought gloves for whoever would be serving. As always, she thought of everything!

Shortly into the morning, another regular volunteer, Ellen, came in from the warehouse looking for Tony. There was a turtle in the warehouse!!

This was very exciting and Noel and I went with Tony to catch sight of our unusual visitor. When we all got out there, we asked where the turtle was, and Ellen exclaimed, “It was right there, right where you’re standing!” And so began the search for our missing slowpoke Renester.

Now, we were somewhat familiar with this particular turtle. A few weeks ago, we saw (presumably) this same turtle right outside the bay doors. She was digging and it looked like she might be burying something, we thought she might be laying eggs! However, no one here at the Nest knows very much about the life and times of local turtles so if you do, please call in!

Our turtle guest after she had been relocated!

It took a few minutes, but our surprisingly quick friend was found hiding under a dolly. She came out when we started moving things around and climbed right into the plastic bin Tony had placed in front of her. As gently as a shelled creature requires, Tony carried her to the grassy area behind the warehouse and she turtle-trotted away. Check out our video on Facebook to see our relocation efforts in action!

To celebrate, we all took turns taking our masks off and eating a slice of the amazing tart.

In short, you never know what you’ll get when you come to the Nest!


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Which interaction would you be more excited about? The turtle or the tart?