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re2020 is only a week away! With a selection of auction items already open for bidding, it’s a good time to go over how to register, bid, pay, and claim your winnings. Auction winner



Registering is fast, easy, and the best way to stay up to date with all the amazing things related to re2020! Once you’re registered you’ll get updates texted directly to you, be able to bid by texting, and will get text messages letting you know if you’re winning or losing your bids!

To register you simply:

  • Text re2020 to 76278
  • Follow the text prompts to verify your contact information
  • Click the link in your welcome text message.
    This is your personal bidding link, do NOT share it! If you want to encourage your friends and family to bid in re2020 tell them to text re2020 to 76278 or visit!

That’s it! You’re registered and ready to start bidding on the amazing items in this year’s auction!



The highest bid wins! So it’s important to know how to place your bids. To view all the items in the auction, simply follow the personal bidding link sent to you during registration (remember, do NOT share this link!). You’ll see a search bar, an orange “My Activity” button, a drop-down “Categories” menu, and pictures of all the items.

You can use the search bar to look for specific item numbers or a phrase like “Bag” to see related items (like item #122, Simply Chic GiftCard & Overnight Bag).  “Categories” will show you like types of items. For example, the “Adventures” category includes item #186, New Orleans Jazz & Dining, which is a 3-night stay in New Orleans, admission to the Preservation Hall of Jazz, a Jazz Brunch, and concierge service (see item description for details).

Once you select an item you will see the title, current bid, how many bids have been placed, and a box with two tabs, “Place Bid” and “Auto Bid.” To place a bid simply type in what you would like to bid (the minimum bid is already auto-populated) and click the green “bid” button. If your bid is accepted you’ll receive a message that says “All Set! Congrats! Your $$ bid is leading on Item ###.”  For more information on how to place a bid, please watch this video.

Auto Bidding

Auto bidding enables the system to auto-bid up to a designated amount for you. The system will bid incrementally up to the designated amount as long as someone is bidding against you. If no one bids against you the price will remain the same. For example, if you set an auto-bid on Item #224, Flutter Bench to $70 while the current minimum bid is $50, the system will automatically bid for you in increments of $5 (increments vary by item) until it reaches a $70 bid and as long as others are bidding against you. If no one bids against your auto-bid, the price will stay at $50! If someone only bids against you one time, you will win the item for $55 and so on.

Bidding Over Text Message

You can also bid via text message! Simply text 76278 the item number you wish to bid on followed by a comma and the bid you’d like to place! For example, if you’d like to bid on Item #227, Love the Wine Your With simply text “227, 30” to bid $30 on item 227. You’ll receive a text message saying “Congrats! Your bid is leading on Love the Wine Your With, item 227” if your bid is accepted.


Selecting the “My Activity” button will show you all the items you are watching and all the items you have bid on. Any items you have bid on will show a banner across the image that says “winning!” or “losing.” Keep your eyes peeled for the “losing” banner so you can jump right in and place another bid!

You will receive a text message anytime someone outbids you. This way, you can keep browsing items and drink some wine without worrying about keeping an eye on all the items you want to win!


Paying/Checking Out

You’re an auction winner! Once the auction has ended, any items you have won will be automatically added to your cart. You can also select the “Donate” tab to add a donation to your cart before checking out. (If you’re interested in the delivery of your auction items, please add item #900 to your cart. Restrictions apply, please read details!) Next, click the “Pay” tab to begin the check out process. Verify everything in your cart and then select “Click Here to Pay” at the top right. You’ll be asked to select a card you’ve already saved to your account or a new card. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the check out process. Payments can be made via VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

Once you have successfully paid, a large “PAID” stamp will appear over your receipt any time you visit the “PAY” tab.

Winners have 24 hours to pay with a credit card using their personal payment link. Failure to pay within 24 hours of the auction closing will automatically result in forfeit, and all items will be removed from your cart.

Remember: all sales are final; no exchanges or refunds.

For more information, watch this instructional video on how to checkout!


Claiming Your Winnings

Curbside Pick Up

In an effort to observe social distancing, we are offering Curbside Pickup. You can pick up your auction winnings on Friday, October 16th, from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday, October 17th, from 10 am to 4 pm. You will need to provide proof of purchase (receipt) to collect your winnings. Simply click the “pay” tab to view your receipt. Please have it ready when you arrive for curbside pick up!

In the event you pay and do not pick-up your items, you forfeit, and your payment becomes a donation to Renesting Project, Inc. (Thank you for your support.)


We are also providing delivery! For a small fee, we will deliver your auction winnings. To receive delivery add item #900 to your cart. Some restrictions do apply.

Auction item delivery service is available for addresses within 20 miles of the Nest (1331 Driftwood Drive, Bossier City, LA). Delivery service is not available for larger items. Check each item description for delivery restrictions. Only 1 “auction item delivery service” is needed per delivery address.

Call 318-747-5520 to make arrangements for your Silent Auction Item Delivery service.


If you have any other questions, check out the re2020 FAQ or give us a call at 747-5520.

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