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World Gratitude Day is today, September 21st! It’s a day to acknowledge the things in your life you’re thankful for, as well as explore the benefits of gratitude and appreciation.

To celebrate Renesting asked our volunteers, staff, and donors to tell us the things they are grateful for. We wanted to share their responses with you!

“My family – my 6 grandchildren!” – Anonymous


“The generosity of our donors. Without them Renesting would not be possible.” – Linda


“Providing for the homeless, especially Veterans” – Ellen K.


“Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior” – Anonymous


“Friends, family, faith, and good health” – Tutu B.


“Renesting Project, that serves others” – Betty H.


“My fiance, iced coffee, and my great job” – Emily S.


“Health and happiness” – Sharon H.


“God, my family and friends” – Barbara C.


“Family – Clients to help find homes – Renesting Project” – Debbie C.


“You. Oh and the dogs.” – Cory S.


Here at Renesting, we are grateful for all of the people that come to our warehouse, as staff, as volunteers, as donors, as agency representatives, as clients, and as friends. We are especially touched that some of our supports are thankful for US!

Learn more about World Gratitude Day by clicking this link and don’t forget to comment below what you’re grateful for!!