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Current top 5 furniture needs:
  1. sofas
  2. dining tables
  3. dining chairs
  4. chest of drawers
  5. dressers

***IMPORTANT***  We do not, under any circumstance, provide a disposal service.  We will only pickup items that are GENTLY used and meet our program requirements as described in the “donation checklist”.  A complete list of items we do AND do not accept can be found by clicking the “donation checklist” button.

OPTION 1 (free):

WILLING TO WAIT?  We offer FREE pickup service for TWO or MORE of the furniture items listed above (sorry, no boxes). Our FREE pickup service is powered by volunteers.  The wait time to schedule an appointment for a FREE pickup can range from 1-3 weeks. FREE Pickups are scheduled between 9am-3pm Tuesday and Thursday, ONLY and are subject to volunteer manpower and weather conditions!  We determine order of pickup by our program’s greatest current need. (Some restrictions do apply. See pickup request form for restrictions)

If you are willing to wait for a free pickup and wish to submit a free pickup request, click here .  One of our volunteers will contact you ASAP. Thank You!

OPTION 2 ($50):

IN A HURRY? Can’t wait for our free pickup service? You have some really, great stuff but your items are not listed above?  We understand that you may need a different level of service.  You may not be able to wait or you may not qualify for a free pickup.  In that case, we offer a paid pickup service.  We will arrange for a professional mover to pickup your donated items on the first or third Monday of the month and you agree to pay a portion of that cost.  Your payment of $50 will partially cover the cost, we will cover the rest. (Some restriction do apply. See pickup request form for restrictions)

If you are willing to split the moving cost with us for this service and wish to submit a paid pickup request, click here.  Your portion of the moving cost is $50 and payable before we can schedule.  One of our staff members will contact you ASAP.  Thank you!!


Renesting Project, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We can provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt. Retain it for your records and please consult your tax professional.

Donation Policy
When you donate items to Renesting Project, the overwhelming majority are redistributed to families in need, free of charge. Renesting Project does reserve the right to retain any donation for administrative purposes to help reduce overhead. Examples of this might include office equipment and supplies.

In addition, Renesting Project often receives fun and unusual donations. This includes large items, antiques, collectibles and luxury items such as jewelry and furs that may not be appropriate for our mission. These items are set aside for re-purposing. They may be used as items for auction at a future fundraising event for Renesting Project or at a local consignment shop, E-bay or Craigslist sites. Proceeds go directly to our direct service funds.


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